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We aim at making some difference in the society by putting efforts on both micro and macro level. Our focal area of work includes adopting villages and implementing intensive model village creation projects, conducting specific development programmes for rural girls and women in the chosen project areas, focusing on three aspects of women empowerment – equal rights, education and health.

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Gender Equality

WeMEN support Equality an initiative.

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Project EmPOWER

Giving every female a flatform for self sustainable livelihood.

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Village Adoption

Empowering a whole village.. culturally, and financially.

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Karwan Centres

Centers towards a bright future.

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Media Sensitization

Working todards RI with UNICEF.

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Mission 18 

Identifying 18 adolescence girls and helping them achieves their goals.

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Capacity Building

Students, Policemen, Attendants & many more

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Project Samachar

You 1 newspaper can bring 1000s of smile to someone else.

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