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Project EmPOWER

We expand opportunities for women through education, entrepreneurship, and vocational training. We provide women the knowledge and skills to earn an income and lift themselves and their families out of poverty, including through scholarships. By providing networking opportunities, mentoring, access to information, and business management training, we foster environments where women can advocate for improved policies. We work alongside local partners to provide women with vocational training to break into higher-paid employment sectors. Power Foundation provides livelihoods with dignity for poor women living in urban and rural India. We help disadvantaged women by providing livelihoods options that enhance their economic status, dignity, and decision-making within their families.

By helping women earn livelihoods with dignity, we are ultimately developing a cadre of empowered women who become agents of change. These women carry values of inclusion, mutual respect and equality, and democratise the spaces in which they live, whether it’s their family or community.

Through our work we contribute to achieving the goal of economic and social equality for women in India. At Power Foundation, we celebrate womanhood; we celebrate our country BHARAT by promoting the unique skills that artisans, Self Help Groups and craftsmen have. We work towards generating sustainable rural development by promoting the rural craftsmanship in urban markets. Every product purchased brings smiles to women and their families and help achieve sustained income growth of the bottom 40% of the population.

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