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Village adoption is aimed at Integrated Development through self- reliance and capacity building for tackling rural poverty in a sustainable manner to make villages more independent and self-sufficient to achieve progress in multiple spheres including education, vocational training and entrepreneurship development.For a holistic and integrated development of a village through synergy and convergence, involvement of various agencies such as Government departments, Panchayati Raj Institutions, and other such departments is considered imperative. POWER Foundation plays the vital role of a co-ordinator and mentor in the process of self sustainable and inclusive development.

POWER Foundation Model village adoption is a ‘The “3” formula’

– adoption of a village marked by gender disparity, underdevelopment of women and adolescent girls,
– urgent needs of community are identified from the following three areas- education, health and sanitation, awareness of rights

– the project encompasses all stakeholders including men and boys so that they too become partners in process of mitigation of gender disparity, but three groups become main focus of effort adolescent girls up to age of 18 years, mothers from 18-45 and women above 65 years.

For each of the above specific thrust area is focused on :

o Adolescent girls education with focus on using e resources for access to information training material and skill development

o Mothers- health nutrition and sanitation (including use of toilets). Special focus on reproductive health and rights

o Senior citizens- geriatric care including awareness of rights. Establishment of old age home for senior citizens