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Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Gender Equality is a pre condition for all other Global Goals to be met. Intimate partner violence against women and girls is widespread across the globe. In the most extreme cases it can lead to death. Social norms and widespread impunity for perpetrators are key challenges fueling this type of violence. Women and girls are subject to various harmful practices, including child marriage.Women and girls perform the bulk of unpaid care and domestic work. Combined with paid work, this leaves women and girls working longer hours with less time for rest, self care, learning, and other activities, such as political participation. Women remain under represented in leadership and management level positions in the public and private sectors. While quotas have been implemented to boost women’s participation in politics and corporate boards, partly is far from reality. Women face various barriers in exercising their sexual rights.

Migrants and indigenous women, among other marginalized groups, are particularly vulnerable. Data on the varying factors that impact women is largely missing. The lack of data makes it harder to accurately identify, analyze and monitor the separate needs and vulnerabilities of women, girls, men and boys and develop effective evidence based policies and solutions.


Through various projects and programs, Power Foundation aims to bring about a radical shift in how men perceive the gender issues and motivate them to become equal partners in change. Working together with local state and central governments, academia, civil society and funding agencies, we envision ending all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls and eliminating child, early and forced marriage and ensuring access to equal opportunity, education, health and reproductive rights.