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Program fostering information, skills, and networks for adolescent girls in combination with community mobilization will yield the strongest, most consistent results.

  • Need based assessment of the identified adolescent dropout girls; leading to vocational/ interpersonal/professional training
  • Back to School” program; open schooling, formal/informal school.
  • Announcing and honouring “Ambassadors of Change” (girls who are role models for the community).
  • Recruit young female graduates from the community and train them to be program leaders known as “Prahri”.
  • Prahris will serve as teachers, role models, girl advocates and providers of moral support. They will become the critical link to girls, families and the KANYA Resource Team.
  • Samvaad”: a process of change among girls will also help gaining the support of brothers, fathers, mothers and community/religious leaders.
  • Dialogue and narrative based communication.
  • Life skills training to teach girls about health, nutrition, money, finance, legal   awareness, communication, negotiation, decision-making and other relevant topic.
  • Vocational and livelihoods skills training to equip girls for income generation activities.
  • Sexual and reproductive health training (may be incorporated under life skills).
  • Information, education, communication (IEC) campaigns—using various platforms—to convey messages about child marriage, schooling, rights, reproductive health and other topics.
  • Mentoring and peer group training to youth leaders, adults, teachers, etc. to provide ongoing information and support to girls
  • “Aangan” or forums and meetings that allow girls to meet, gather, connect and socialize outside the home.
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