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Power Conclave 2016

Together We Create a Special World!

POWER Foundation believes that women and men need to work in synergy for a greater gender equivalent ecosystem and not merely blame each other for the inequalities and social flaws. Awareness amongst men needs to be raised concerning the causes and results of their attitudes and actions on the women and girls in their lives for the benefit of all in the society. POWER FOUNDATION works on the belief that men, along with women, can be involved in accomplishing gender equality and in proceeding the rights, health and well-being of women and girls in India. with the support and collaboration of HeForShe, a UN Women initiative, WeMEN Campaign of Power Foundation aims to reach out to over one lac young boys and youth across 7 states of India.


As part of its major awareness efforts; to reach out to maximum youth across the country and sensitise them to respect women and give women and girls equal rights and have an equal society , POWER FOUNDATION organised “WeMEN Support Equality” a unique Gender Conclave which saw strong male and female voices from all walks of life ,endorsing Gender Equality at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi on 6th March, 2016 to mark International Women’s Day ;We invited famous male personalities in the likes of CM of various states, Ambassadors, film and TV personalities, Medical Practitioners and Entrepreneurs


  • In Conversation: Political Participation of Women; Myth or A Reality?
  • In Conversation: Gender Equality; Media, Sport & Entertainment
  •  In Conversation: Relation Between Gender Equality & Economic Growtht
  •  In Conversation: The Growing Battle of Gender Equality; International Perspective