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Regional Media Sensitization Essential Services

Regional Media Sensitization Advocacy and communication efforts are as important for community acceptance of any new law as also for maintaining their confidence in the existing ones. In the community, there are always people who have concerns regarding issues concerning women/child atrocities- either perceived or real. A system has to be in place to speedily deal with them in a scientific manner, so that individual concerns do not affect the community. Consistent information activity through coherent messaging, media advocacy, proactive planning and effective media response is one of the key elements of strategic communication support of Power Foundation to achieving maximum outreach in the country. A core group of senior editors and journalists from target regions who can carry forward the dialogue regarding the importance and understanding of Gender Issues. The focus of this project is to identify the right medium of media (print, electronic, digital) for respective states/ cities and conduct media engagement workshops. Engage the identified members through various activities on regular basis and carry forward the discourse on identified subjects.


RUBAROO, with focus on “Sustainable Development Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” has been created ; it is a platform for Urdu Media Journalists, Editors, Columnists, Forums to discuss ways to improve health indicators in the Marginalized community, with a focus on relevant issues related to women and children’s health.

Power Foundation’s initiative Rubaroo serve not just as a source for sustainable information and dialogue with the Urdu media people and the Muslim community but also act as a catalyst for motivating Urdu writers/journalists to write about immunization and public health issues. The main objective of engaging the Urdu media is that it exclusively caters to a community that has a perceived resistance, misinformation and misgivings about immunization. The engagement aims at increasing the coverage by underscoring the relevance of the subject and building the capacity of the Urdu journalists. We explore ways to improve the quality of discourse on health in general and immunization in particular through the Urdu media.


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