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To promote cross-learning among Elected Women Representatives focusing on violence against women and gender based violence at the village/community level; we initiate dialogues between Elected Women Representatives and other relevant stakeholders to address violence against women at the local level effectively. Based on cross-learning and sharing of experiences, we highlight the challenges Elected Women Representatives face, the opportunities to strengthen existing structures, and suggest tangible steps that can enable Elected Women Representatives (in conjunction with other relevant authorities) to address VAW/GBV effectively. This program is helping to build a critical mass of know-how and experiences, which helps to empower Elected Women Representatives and mainstream the issue of VAW in local governance institutions more effectively. Our work facilitates women’s participation, inspire them to lead a process of change, encourage and strengthen women collectives, and enable them to network at different levels, organizing campaigns and training programs to prepare women to discharge multiple roles, enabling them to link local priorities to the planning process. Capacity Development of Elected Women Representatives (EWRs), has emerged as a catalyst for enhancing the roles and capacities of EWRs; facilitate their effective participation addressing the socio-cultural and political disadvantages thereby accelerating social and political empowerment of women, in the context of the Panchayati Raj system.