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Women Campaign

National WeMEN Campaign

Patriarchy and gender inequality are issues which have been most persistent human rights violation. There have been constant efforts in last so many years to eradicate this menace, despite that, patriarchy and inequalities among women/girls and men/boys continue to affect our present society in one form or the other.

We aim at exchanging ideas and carry out joint advocacy activities

  • Surrounding violence against women and girls;
  • Questioning and challenging patriarchal mindset with special reference to Health, Nutrition and Sanitation
  • Encouraging men’s positive involvement in maternal, child and adolescent health, as fathers or caregivers;
  • Developing conducive environment by the male members of the society, for the facilitating gender friendly ecosystem
  • Addressing macro-level policies that perpetuate gender inequalities and subsequently
  • Evolving policy framework encouraging a gender sensitive society by the Men for the Women.

‘WeMEN’ is a unique Campaign which raises voice against patriarchy and gender inequality and that the voice is, predominantly a male voice. Young boys are being involved as agents of change and stakeholders, taking a pledge for standing against the persistent violence and help in achievement of gender equality. Patriarchy and gender inequality is not an issue which should concern only woman; it is a human rights violation and affects all.
Having felt the need to constructively utilize the above aspect, POWER FOUNDATION has come up with a Campaign that aims at promoting gender equality by encouraging young boys in the society to amenably discuss sexism in solidarity with the women’s rights movements in India. POWER FOUNDATION’s ‘WeMEN’, works on the belief that men, along with women, can be involved in accomplishing gender equality. Equality issues of the rights, health and well-being of women and girls in India need to be institutionalized with positively engaging men and boys, urging them to become champions of gender equality through relevant educational programming that challenges language and behaviors, as well as harmful ideas of manhood that lead to violence against women.

‘WeMEN’ works on the root cause i.e. mindset of the society. We believe if mindsets can be changed, the SDG 5 can be easily achieved. Hence, a Campaign in Schools, Colleges, MNCs, promoting Gender Equality embodies great significance.

The overall goal of the project is dialogue; to spread awareness and spark action on the responsibility that men and boys have in eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and violence against women and girls.

WeMEN encourages:

Full participation of men and boys in support of gender equality to collaborate with government officials, men’s organizations and other civil society organizations, universities and schools to create and promote events within their local communities.

Inspire people to take action against gender-based discrimination and violence against women and girls to create a platform to highlight as role models, men and boys who are taking a stand against gender based discrimination and violence against women and girls globally.

Mobilizing young boys and men to accomplish Sustainable Development Goal 5, this is about GENDER EQUALITY.

Be sensitized about the issue of violence.

Understand how and why we should stand against patriarchy and gender inequality.

Take a pledge regarding the fight against patriarchy and gender inequality.